Derrick Pipelay Barge For Sale File-0205

Derrick Pipelay Barge For Sale File-0205

Derrick Pipelay Barge For Sale File-0205

Derrick Pipelay Barge For Sale File-0205

General Particulars:

Class ABS

Heli-deck SIKORSKY S61N type helicopter

Main Dimensions

Loa: 168.70m

LBP: 164.30 m

Breadth moulded: 46m

Depth moulded: 13.50m

Operating draft/maximum: 3.5~6.0/9m

Gross Tonnage: 40,977 t

Summer Displacement: 62,031m

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Accommodation cabin: 310beds

Ballast WaterCapacity: 35,381.3 m3

Fresh Water Capacity: 2,686.4 m3

Total Fuel Oil Capacity: 4,440.7 m3

Power Supply

Main Generator: 4x 2,500 kw /440V/60HZ

Emergency Generator: 1 x 315kW/440V/60HZ

Pipelay System

REMACUT pipe tensioners & A&R winch (Steep S-lay &
Conventional S-Lay)

Max laying speed: 35 m/min

Remote controlled Davit system

Pipe Tensioning Units

Tensioners: REMACUT Automatic tensioners 2x100t, 8” – 60” coated pipe OD range

A&R winch: 1x100t

Davits: 6 port side davit; outermost davits: 2x100t central
davit: 4x80t

Pipe conveyor

Longitudinal conveyor roller units: SAS-18 sets; Transportation
speed 6-25m/min

Transverse Trolley: SAS-load capacity 30t

Firing Line

6 x Single-Joint, 2 x AUT/Repair, 3 x Field JointAnode installation station


Stationary tower Crane: 1 x 75T (Fixed) Liebherr BOS2600-75

Pipe Handling Crane: 1 x 250T (Crawler) Kobelko

Stationary Heavy Lift Full: 1X 1600 t X28m (main hook)

Revolving aft deck crane: 1X300t X 72 m (Auxhook), 1X 25ton

Stinger System Functionality

Allowable pipe diameter: 6- 60inches

Pipelayradius: 150-350m

Stinger Length: 80 m

Width at Hitch: 16 m

Height: 6 m

Adjustable roller boxes:

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